Client Logos

The Logo is the prime component in the representation of any company or brand. It directly reflects the overall idea or the main agenda of the company. It should be simple, easily understandable and self-descriptive.

Marquery builds logos for the company for the purpose that visitors or customers should get a quick idea about the products by the company.


When the product is being packed, it should look classy and standard so that buyers get attracted towards it just by looking its outer side. The Packaging is the task of supreme priority as it is seen from outside and customers look for it.

Marquery creates the designs which not only attract the customer but also bind them to buy the product. We think about everything like content inside, price of the product, ingredients, everything while working on packaging.


Logos, Banners are important for the promotion of company but the brochure is something which explains, elaborates everything about the company and its products in précised and detailed manner. So Brochures are of prime importance because of their contents.

As the analysts at Marquery are very prompt about their work they first study the company profile in depth so that they should create a brochure for the same which will be understandable by every person reading it.


The importance of a banner in promoting the company’s name is invaluable. Banner describes the company, its products, various campaign, services by the company, upcoming events from the company and many more. Banners enhance the sale of the company.

We create such an elaborative banner that viewers get direct information without any difficulty. Marquery is known for its creativity. We always undertake innovative ways for banner making.

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