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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Course

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    • Data Overview
    • Lists

    What is a Subscriber?

                How to Create Attributes

                How to Create a List

                How to Add Subscribers to a List

                Exclusion List

                Publication List

                Suppression List

                What are the Profile and Subscription Centers?

    • Data Extensions

                What is a Data Extension?

                What are Sendable Data Extensions and Non-Sendable Data Extensions?

                How to Create a Data Extension


                How to Import Data into a Data Extension

    • Contact Builder Overview
    • Uploading Assets into Content Builder
    • Content Blocks
    • How to Create Static Content Blocks
    • How to Create Individualized
    • Content Blocks Using Personalization Strings, Dynamic Content, and AMP script
    • How to Add Links to Content
    • Templates

               What a Template is and the Various Ways to Create One

               How to Create a Template with Locked Content

              How to Specify Specific Content to be placed in a Content Area in a Template

    • Email

               How to Create an Email from a Template

               How to Add Multiple Content Blocks to a Single Content Area

               How to Add a Button Content Block

  • Content Detective
  • Validation
  • Preview
  • Test Send
  • Approvals
  • Send Flow
  • User-Initiated Email
  • A/B Testing
  • Bounce Mail Management
  • Global, Master, and List-Level Unsubscribes
  • Tracking Data
  • Standard Reports
  • Automating Reports
    • Drag-and-Drop Segmentation

                How to Create Random and Filtered Segments

          How to Create Segments Using Measures

    • Refreshing Data
    • Query Activity
    • Audience Builder Overview Automation
    • Data Activities

               Data Extract


               File Transfer

    • Refresh Activities

               Filter Activity

               Query Activity

    • Email Automation

               Overview of Email Automation Tools

               Welcome Series using Journey Builder

               Triggered Email

               Welcome Series Using Automation

  • Describe why customer journeys are important
  • Define the customer journey
  • Define the customer journey
  • Define the Marketing Cloud
  • Log in to the Marketing Cloud
  • Define Contact Builder
  • Describe and use the various tools in Contact Builder
  • Reiterate the concepts of Subscriber Key, Primary Key, and Contact Key
  • Define Journey Builder
  • Define an Interaction
  • Build an Interaction
  • Create an Entry Event
  • Utilize various Journey Builder activities
  • Set a goal
  • Test the Interaction
  • Review metrics
  • Create a new version of an Interaction
  • Overview
  • Mobile Connect
  • Overview
  • Administration
  • Import & Manage
  • Contacts Messages
  • Mobile Push
  • Overview
  • Notifications
  • Analytics Builder
  • Reports
  • Standard Reports
  • Discover
  • Create Cloud Page
  • Landing Pages
  • Smart Capture Form 
  • Examples and use-cases
  • Overview
  • Live examples
  • Real time Use cases
  • How to use Ampscript in Emails
  • How to use Ampscript in SMS & Push Messages
  • How to use Ampscript in Cloud Pages
  • Commonly used functions

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12 – 14 weeks program, Monday to Friday daily 1 hours batches.


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Morning Batch in 1st Half of Day


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Whether you want to move into World of Digital Consulting or drive growth for your business through World class digital platforms, this program is the right one for you. The 3 tracks enable professionals to transition into roles across the Program. Professionals who will find this program useful are:

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The process involved: Prepare yourself as the most eligible job-ready candidate and give 100% placement assistance &Connect with companies that are the best match for you Be the first to know about the vacancies to gain an edge in the application process

Get personalized career pathing from industry experts to chart out the best opportunities based on your interests. The process involved: Determine strengths and weaknesses of a student Set goals for better employment results.

Our experts will also help you understand the expectations of the industry so you can prepare your resume better. The process involved: Evaluating your resume as a prospective employer Determining areas that might require additional emphasis Get the best resume tips and strategies to land your dream job


The process involved: Giving a detailed review of the interview Identifying what you did well and ways to improve, Giving objective feedback about your competencies in relation to the job application


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