Making the world better place with

Artificial Intelligence


Text Messaging is the future. So we are helping brands and enterprises to build custom chatbots to communicate with their customers one by one

Voice Assistance devices

Alexa, Google Home, and Siri are popular voice assistance now a days. We can build solution for your business to communicate through this apps or devices .

AI Based Telephony

Imagine a robot taking care of your customers on calls. That what AI bases Telephony is.

Why MarQuery is Best AI Solution Provider?

To survive in unprecedentedly growing competition enterprises have to provide services on the platforms their customers already use.

MarQuery offers end-to-end development, design and support service for your required Application in AI. We have experience and expertise in developing NLP, NLU and NLG related to customer services and products. Being Pune’s leading conversational AI company, we are keeping a customer-centric approach..

How We Help Our Customers Succeed

Our team is your team. When your mission is to be advance, faster and smarter you need better people people driving your vision forward.


We are team with bunch of tech geeks having years of experience in Natural language processing , natural language understanding and natural language generations. We are committed to help you till you succeed.

Scaling AI for your enterprise

AI enables the option of data-driven management. As compared to humans, AI can process extra huge numbers and find the pattern in it to make the data-driven decisions faster. AI has the ability to process a big amount of data and find out trending direction with reasonable advice. This application of AI can be an important tool for the manager who is looking for statistical support to decision making.

AI can pick lengthy and boring but important administrative tasks. Even if administrative tasks are necessary but doing routine and repetitive work will not improve your skillset. According to surveys, more than 50% of managers work is with the administration. Using artificial intelligence for routine management gives managers more capability to focus on activities with more value.

What is Intelligent Computing?

In computational intelligence or soft computing mainly it includes that, Artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms, NLP and NLU. These are advanced processing techniques that betray properties nearly related to human intelligence.

This intelligent computing is successfully applied in different domains like medicines, home automation, healthcare, transportation, performance monitoring. Intelligent comouting gathers many network device’s data havin ability of sensing, information manipulating and information processsing.

Open-Source AI Tools

Technologies like artificial intelligence following the futuristic approach needs progressive research and development environment.

Open-source AI tools are providing a platform for everyone to use, execute, modify and develop existing AI algorithms.

Tools like Tensorflow, Apache systemML, OpenNN, caffe, Torch, Accord .NET and Scikit-Learn are open source AI tools. All these tools exhibits portablity, efficiency, algorithm customization, predictive analysis, speech recognition, statistical analysis and etc.