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MarQuery : More than just a Business Consulting

MarQuery Technologies Build the Products and services in the real estate domain specific context, solving specific problems end to end with the technology, consulting and marketing solutions offered to real estate businesses


Real Estate industry has the  common problem like unmanaged operations. MarQuery has a expertise team who can plan and help businesses implement operations and processes in their business

Marketing Consultation

Real estate products are high ticketing products, the approach of marketing of Real estate products is also different. MarQuery has unique Strategies and frameworks to Market Real esate products.

Digital Consultation

India is transforming towards growth and Road to the growth is infrastructure but Real estate industry is lacking in adopting the digitalization. MarQuery will help digitalize your business. 


Real estate industry is lacking in the setting ups business processes. Some business can focus on Core business and outsource supports and other services. MarQuery can help in BPO/BPS for your business. 

Frictionless, simple & easy Implementations

We take a modern and digital approach to how real estate businesses discover, engage with and realize value from digital tools and services through their business journey

Lets meetups & have Free Demos and use cases...

Take a tour of our digital products, approaches and our case studies to know how we can contribute to your business growth

Plan Perfect Solutions and Sketch Plan of Action

We will analyze your business needs and then we will come up with the plan of action for your problem statements

Build - Customize - Deploy - Maintain

We will integrate all the things for you, plus the implementation-trainings and usage updates are available by our support team.

Create value and grow fast

Accelerate your business’s productivity and efficiency with modern automation tools, to get intangible results in no time.

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