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Inventory App

Made For Real Estate Industry...

Manage ProjectWise inventory, current stock of material, inventory transaction and wastage. Everything in one place

MarQuery Inventory App : Real estate specific Inventory Management Tool

Build For Specifically Real estate industry MInventory can be used as an inventory tracking and management application along with tracking of transactions of materials. It is a only Inventory material management app which is made specifically for Real Estate Industry.

Purchase Management

Material Transactions

Stock Management

Return Stock Management

Used Stock Tracking

Wastage tracking

How can M-Finance helps you to organise your finances?

Only Best Player in Market

MarQuery is the only player in the Indian market who is providing Real estate specific Inventory Software.

Typically made for Real Estate

Automated reminders and records tracking in the context of real estate working style.

Huge scope of customisation

Customise as your business functions. 100% no code customisation available. 

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