Accelerate Your Revenue With Fully Automated


Made For Real Estate Industry....

Personalize engagement, shorten your sales cycle, and grow your customer relationship with MarQuery CRM

MarQuery CRM : More than just a CRM application

Build For Specifically Real estate industry MCRM can be used as a sales team management application along with tracking of leads follow ups to conversion. It is a only CRM APP which is made specifically for Real Estate Industry.

Lead Management

Teams Performance Management

Data Analytics

Customizable Sales Pipeline

Customizable Sale Funnels

Customer Relationship Management

How can M-CRM helps you to accelerate your sales cycle?

Close leads faster with a full view of your customers

Get Full insights of the communication with the customers to deliver personalized experiences.  

Improve teams efficiency by streamlining your sales process

automate sales cycles with sales pipelines and sales stages, and Know the assets and liabilities in the team

Improve Customer Relationship by Customer personalization's

Personalize the customer relationship with the data driven solutions and activities.

Close deals faster with MCRM

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