We can help you to build

Virtual Conversational Assistant

Why Enterprises Like MarQuery

To survive in unprecedently growing competition enterprises have to provide services on the platforms their customers already use.

Cutting edge technology to achieve a great ROI.


Enterprise will get instant results on investment.


Products with integrated IT enterprise.


All round platform made for clients industry.


MarQuery's Intelligent Agent

Deploy MarQuery’s Intelligent Virtual Agent in the service of your customers. and maximize the personal experience¬† for them by communicating with them one by one.


Integrate bot with relevant platform

Marquery is providing chatbot solutions integrating wide range of platforms that your user interacts with. user can communicate with you on any platform.

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • Website or Mobile App
  • Twitter

Writing the conversation flow

conversation flow will occur when conversation is pleasant, smooth and uncomplicated. Our chatbot is designed for smooth and pleasant conversational flow. MarQuery is intended to maintain conversation flow between you and your customer. Flow will be like

Acquiring customer


Engaging them


Providing service


Understanding them


Creating the bot with AI

Proprietary Bot-to-human routing capabilities ensure live agents can resolve complex queries or intervene as needed.
We are using expert domain knowledge with NLP’s understandings, we can analyze your clients intention which will help you to communicate in better way.
AI driven tech with Natural language understanding and processing is ready to serve your clients with instant and 24X7 response establishing persistent relations.

Our Clients

Finding Solutions For Clients Problem

Your customer requires fast support… slower support will affect to retention of customer.. If you are thinking to handle above problem manually then it will take number of people and lots of money. MarQuery is always ready for fulfillment of your wish to convert visitor into customer without irritating them with reasonable pricing… We will help you to enhance customer relations and reduce operational cost.