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Paid Media Campaigns

Paid Media Campaigns

Paid media marketing is use for getting a faster result. This is essential component of higher growth and for better result. in paid media PPC, lead generation, awareness, remarketing, rebranding and many more services are available.


media Campaign Strategy


Creative Ads copy & Designing


Ads Planning & Execution


Landing Pages Designing


lead/inquires generation

Local SEO services



Social media is one of the most used platform in the world. Facebook is one of them, many people start their day with Facebook and Instagram media apps. By the use of paid campaign we can get more

  • awareness
  • brand reach
  • leads generation with proper geographic location.
  • Also paid media help to narrow target to niche people group.

This will help for boost a business in less time with more profit. MarQuery will help you to grow your business with social media paid ads. 



  • Ease in finalizing and targeting a specific audience.
  • Good rate of conversion
  • Progress in instant traffic.
  • Systematic and result oriented process which is also measurable in terms of success.
  • People generally can’t recognise paid ads.
  • People generally can’t recognise paid ads.
  • Controlled campaign.
Google Ads Campaigns
youtube marketing



YouTube is one of the largest search engine after google. This is also one of the best social media platform. YouTube is one of the top-notch online video sharing site in all over the world. and you tube is the largest video hosting website on the internet that can mainly facilitate to increase the sales of your business by expanding the customers.

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Paid Media Campaigns By Marquery

Facebook is also the site with the highest ROAS in terms of paid advertising. Compared to other similar social media sites, users are more likely to click more ads they see in their Facebook feed, making it a highly beneficial place to invest your advertising budget.

The range of social media marketing costs and packages for enterprise businesses can vary between Rs. 35000 to Rs. 50000 per month depending upon the requirements and services needed by the client.

As per our expertise we suggest lead generation for getting more businesses. This will help for business growth.

Use social media. Create video tutorials. Start blogging now. Understand search engine optimization. Leverage influencers. Build a great lead magnet. Use Facebook ads with re-targeting.

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