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Why MarQuery for Real Estate

We are working in real estate from last 7 year, we are too much innovative as compare to other in market. We have team of experts who has experience more 11+ yr in real estate. we are experts in real estate project planning, surveying, real estate business consulting and real estate resource outsourcing like BPO, sales, marketing.


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Real Estate

Project Planning & Surveying

We believe in project planning & surveying before start a new project, this will give you a needle information about that location and area also you will get basic information about what we have to do in project. Survey and planning help to make product as per what exactly customer want. by using this technique customer get proper inventory in budget with full of amenities and also get profit to builder and owner.

Real Estate

Business Consulting Services

Before starting business everyone need consultant for business growth. We will help after studying business to business owner for proper planning with business growth. MarQuery give better solution for get more profit and fast selling with our expertise and proper solution on your project. 

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Real Estate


We delivered 99% working processes to more than 50+ businesses and they are happy with our services. We also help them for resource management. We have expertise in business processes 11+ year of experience to get high performance in business and business growth.  

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Real Estate Business Consulting Services By MarQuery

Inbound marketing is a new approach to lead generation that attracts more accessible and more effective customers by using modern media and communication tools. It’s a ground-breaking technique for aligning with the shopping preferences of today’s consumers. Inbound marketing in real estate focuses on getting the message out to potential leads already looking for services similar to what you offer, rather than emphasising traditional marketing techniques like phone calls, banners, and billboard advertisements. The strategy focuses on creating valuable, relevant, and timely content and making it more accessible across the appropriate channels, allowing you to instinctively and directly interact with your prospects.

1. Expand your network by talking to neighbours, organise community events to meet new people, send network emails, dial prospects, volunteer with local groups, and interact with visitors through the business website.
2. Put social media to action by interacting with locals, answer their queries, ask for referrals, display online ads, etc.
3. Plan a content marketing campaign to get more online traffic, localise your content by providing an email, newsletter and community magazines to target the local market.

1.Network and partner with local businesses offering services like cleaning and maintenance, insurance, banking, lending, and other essential ones to attract a buyer towards the additional services you provide.
2.Capture buyer leads online through real estate email marketing, rich content blogs, how-to videos, etc.
3.Run effective paid advertising campaigns targeting the buyers for real estate on Facebook, Google, etc.

In today’s online world, you can’t imagine any business staying relevant in the competition without any social media existence. Especially in the real estate sector, social media serves as a medium of interaction between the customers and realtors.

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