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As We Heard that India is moving aggressively towards the development and the Real Estate that is Infrastructure is the Road of Journey towards Growth and development but real estate industry is lacking in adopting the digital tools, technology and innovations. So 25 years of founders found the problem statement in the. Market and started researching about the solutions in early 2021. Shubham Shendre who comes from consulting background. Found out about the new marketing ways for the real estate which included few marketing frameworks for selling the residential as well as commercial real estate products. 

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Also Shubham studied and research about the psychology of Indian customer and build the trust building marketing frameworks which can be used to sell various types of properties to various demographic customer groups. On the other hand Vaibhav Bode who has the specialised marketing background found the latest ways of lead generation and sales processes so that customer acquisition rate can be multiplied. Vaibhav also worked on specifically on the process automation so that things can run on auto pilots for the MarQuery. With the efforts of Vaibhav and Shubham MarQuery is now the team of 20+ Sales Super Stars and 10+ Back office staff who is supporting from the office.

MarQuery is the only Proptech Company who is using the Data Analytics and Data Science Technics for Improving Sales Efficiency for Real Estate. Along with the Marketing and Selling MarQuery Technologies has the services like Property surveying, digital tools like CRM, Inventory Management and Project Management. 

MarQuery is also helping out the major infrastructure projects with the digital solutions consulting and implementation, Company has collaborated with the Infra Tech Supports with the Planning and implementation software and IOT Solutions for the Real Estate gains, couples of them are public limited companies. So MarQuery Technologies is in the list of few companies which are specifically focused on the Real Estate IT solutions.

In the talk with the founders, Vaibhav Said that The Company is operating in the two cities that is Amravati and Nagpur as the most developing cities in the central India he further added they as expanding their operation as fast as they can and by the end of 2022 they are aiming to expand to Aurangabad and Indore. When we asked why they are not moving to the tier 1 cities like Mumbai and Pune, Vaibhav Answered Team has  analysed and planned every steps and every step and according to survey the tier 2 city like Aurangabad and Indore has more potential business ground for MarQuery than going to tier one city like Pune or Mumbai. finally Vaibhav Concluded the talk by saying MarQuery’s Services helps real estate builders as they get fast sales instead of dependencies on brokers, also as the speed of sell increased effectively business scale increases.

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