Real-Estate Sole Selling company in India

MarQuery is a professional sole selling service agent and real estate project marketing company in India. We can help builders and developers to sell their real estate projects faster.

What We Have 

  • Experience of 10+ years in the Real Estate filed
  • A Through Study and Understanding of Indian Market.
  • A Well Qualified & Experienced Team
  • A well-defined & efficient SALES process
  • Number of successful/completed deals with sizes ranging from 50L to 50 Cr
  • A wide and rich client database from PUNE, DELHI, and MUMBA
  • Our Client List Includes both Corporate & Individual
  • Association with many Brand
  • We have large experience in the market as a consultant, and certainly, have an edge to educate clients about the benefits of the project compared to others available in the market and thus improve project credibility & sales.


What we offer for Sole Selling Proposal:

  • A dedicated and experienced Sales Person at the Project Site (Our Payroll) to take care of all inquiries and follow ups.
  • We will take care of all the marketing, promotion, and Sales of the Project *
  • Commitment to timely delivery*

Reason To Choose MarQuery

Out-of-the-box frameworks for Real Estate sales & Marketing

  • Real estate Marketing Framework
  • Retargeting framework
  • CRM framework
  • Lead conversion cycle
  • Frameworks for commercial properties.

Out of the box Strategy & Standard Operating Process
  • Sales & Marketing SOPs
  • In-house Marketing and Advertising minds
  • Out-of-the-box research team
  • Standard CRM

  • Global Presence
  • Global Database of real estate buyers & investors
  • Selling Teams all over India
  • Global Surveying of the real estate industry
  • Strategic alliance with the brokers