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Real-Estate Sole Selling company in India

MarQuery is a professional Real-Estate Sole Selling  service agent and real estate project marketing company in India. We can help builders and developers to sell their real estate projects faster.

What We Have 

  • Experience of 10+ years in the Real Estate filed
  • A Through Study and Understanding of Indian Market.
  • A Well Qualified & Experienced Team
  • A well-defined & efficient SALES process
  • Number of successful/completed deals with sizes ranging from 50L to 50 Cr
  • A wide and rich client database from PUNE, DELHI, and MUMBA
  • Our Client List Includes both Corporate & Individual
  • Association with many Brand
  • We have large experience in the market as a consultant, and certainly, have an edge to educate clients about the benefits of the project compared to others available in the market and thus improve project credibility & sales.


What we offer for Sole Selling Proposal:

  • A dedicated and experienced Sales Person at the Project Site (Our Payroll) to take care of all inquiries and follow ups.
  • We will take care of all the marketing, promotion, and Sales of the Project *
  • Commitment to timely delivery*

Reason To Choose MarQuery

Out-of-the-box frameworks for Real Estate sales & Marketing

  • Real estate Marketing Framework
  • Retargeting framework
  • CRM framework
  • Lead conversion cycle
  • Frameworks for commercial properties.

Out of the box Strategy & Standard Operating Process
  • Sales & Marketing SOPs
  • In-house Marketing and Advertising minds
  • Out-of-the-box research team
  • Standard CRM

  • Global Presence
  • Global Database of real estate buyers & investors
  • Selling Teams all over India
  • Global Surveying of the real estate industry
  • Strategic alliance with the brokers

Want to talk to someone about sole selling?

Ask about Our Services, pricing, implementation, or anything else. Our highly trained reps are standing by, ready to help.

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