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How Salesforce can be helpful for real estate business in Dubai 

How Salesforce can be helpful for real estate business in Dubai 

 Since the explosion of COVID- 19 into the world, every business has faced a downfall. Although most companies have set up digital Solutions, many sectors are still struggling for recovery from effects of COVID-19. Real Estate is one of the major sectors falling in order. Both real estate agents and businessmen are failing in  adapting to change. So, what could be the way forward for this formerly – roaring sector?  The answer is :Salesforce for real estate”. It should be trending right now to recapture the sales and marketing automation in this age. 

 Now, the question arises ‘ Is Salesforce good for the Real Estate Industry ? ’  Well, the answer is yes! Salesforce is huge and has been very successful in delivering successful case studies on various businesses industries.

How Salesforce Is Transforming Real Estate? 

 Salesforce has become a big mega hit being the best real estate software for marketing and sales automation in dubai. 

While Marquery worked on an all in one solution provider for real estate in the world we studied that salesforce is the only way real estate agencies are going about client relationship operation and defines the speed and inflexibility of their deals functions. 

Real estate agents are frequently stuck with handling several customers and they are facing difficulties for maintaining right relationships and follow ups with customers. before they would maintain paper records to keep the details of every customer. This has become quite a challenge. The CRM can help out to solve all those challenges. 

Salesforce CRM software for Real Estate is one of the most effective results to integrate deals and marketing data. The intelligence of Salesforce ensures that no communication is missed. 

 Benefits of Salesforce CRM for Real Estate Industry 

1.Faster Response Timing 

As per a study, more than 88% of guests anticipate revert from their retailers within an hour. With Salesforce CRM you can improve your client service exceptionally. 

In the fast-paced life, Customers don’t have a loose schedule while shopping for a property, they want their queries, questions, and other issues to be answered as fast as possible. 

Salesforce CRM for real estate empowers agents with strong communication mediums where they admit and response from any internet- enabled device. 

There may be times when you won’t be suitable to reply to your customers at the same time, that is completely accessible. For this situation also CRM has a result that helps you record and use the substantiated automated response that will tell the guests about your attainability and also give them a chance to partake their concern. 

2.Intelligent robotization 

Around 51% of agents use CRM, and the one thing which they like the most about the Salesforce CRM is its intuitive robotization installation. While copping a property, there are lots of important effects that go hand in hand, and taking care of each bone is a daunting task.  The details may be small but have an inversely significant place when it comes to making important opinions. 

The CRM robotization installation will let druggies automatically fill out forms, train important documents, and recoup precious data as and when needed, and let guests and agents concentrate on bigger enterprises. It improves guests ’ and agents ’ connections and makes it more important and simpler. 

Some other important tasks which you can do with the help of CRM are easy shadowing of important dates, connecting with guests directly, handling multiple lower tasks contemporaneously, and numerous further. 


3.Data Centralization 

The real estate assistance is largely competitive. It’s veritably pivotal to make it in this assiduity. For that, one has to induce leads from multiple sources. Generating leads from different sources and managing the data can be problematic, time- consuming, and dispiriting tasks for agents. 

 With Salesforce CRM for the real estate assistance, the agents can get a single and unified system to manage all their data, contact information, and any other data that goes on with the property buying process. 

The CRM allows agents to pierce the data from any device and from anywhere in the world without the fear of getting the data or information lost in the equivocation. 

 Salesforce CRM will impeccably regularise the property buying and selling process with its data centralization quality

4.Seamless Communication 

Did you know that 74% of the guests prefer to return to the agents who keep in contact with them indeed after the deals process gets completed? The process of buying and dealing a property is long, and it isn’t uncommon that the time duration creates a bond between an agent and a buyer. So the customer who plans to buy their property prefers to hire the same agent with whom they’ve worked before. 

 But, it frequently happens that due to the time gap between original and secondary purchase, guests lose their connection with their old agents. 

 Salesforce CRM will exclude this problem. This pall- calculating tool will help you maintain a relationship with guests indeed after the deal gets completed. 

 Agents can save guests ’ information in their CRM and shoot out journal friendly emails like home purchase anniversaries emails, vacation wishes emails, birthday wishes, etc. 

5.Instant Evaluation 

It’s veritably hard to estimate the effectiveness of the practices you follow in the real- estate business, especially if you follow the traditional approach. It’ll take both your time and plutocrats. 

 With Salesforce, you can measure and estimate the effectiveness of your deals and the way of approaches in real- time. 

Salesforce CRM in real estate will help agents in assaying and establishing processes. And in this way, you can exclude the tasks which are not paying off and let you concentrate on other important styles that you can hone. 

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